Saturday, 16 March 2013

Crafty Corner.

The emergence of Pinterest on the old interwebnet has reignited my love of doing crafty stuff. If you have not come across the wonders of Pinterest yet, among other things it is an amazing online source of all things creative. I have used it to design two canvas paintings for my newly furnished living room, and in doing so my love of the arts and crafts has been reborn.

I introduced my friend Beth to the site and she has been hooked ever since. So much so she made me an amazing picture, again for my living room. I was not only extremely touched by the gesture, but fell in love with the picture instantly. So much so that I made a similar one today for someone else.

I had forgotten how therapeutic I find making pretty things. Simple pleasures and all that and what better way to spend a very cold, dreary, rainy, snowy Saturday.

Apologies for the fuzzy photos, I was being lazy and just used my phone.


Crafty corner.


Thanks again to the wonderful Beth for her gift and the inspired Pinterest find.

Peace x

All photographs by Caroline harvey.