Sunday, 25 May 2014

The Super Sisters.

Today was Edinburgh marathon day, when approx 30, 000 people descend upon the city and it's coastline to run in varying lengths of races.

Beth was so inspired by watching her sister last year that she signed up early on to run this 26.2 mile course.

Lesley, having run an amazing first marathon time last year got invited to do the London marathon in April, which she completed in and unbelievable 3hrs 20 something.

Both ladies had done all the training required and this morning I met them in town to see them off at their start points.  The weather was not great but it was better than the very hot day we had on Wednesday, which def would have been a killer for these fair skinned gorgeous ladies.

Sisterly love.

I was on bike support so once I had left them at the start I headed out to the 10 mile marker which was out past Musselburgh. I found a good spot next to a very chatty and friendly volunteer marshall.

Lesley came through first and was looking strong and cheery as ever, then came Beth also making light work of the course.

Now for those that don't now the course, it is one of the fastest courses in the world because there are relatively no hills, but don't let this fool you in to thinking that it is easy. Personally i think it must be hard as it is one long straight line for 18 miles then you turn around and come back! This also means that you see all the people ahead of you heading home as you may still be going out. To me this is mental torture, so extra, extra kudos to anyone who completes this marathon.

I was wanting to head to the 18 mile turn point, but it was too difficult to get along the road at any fast pace as the whole road is used by the runners. In the end I waited at around the 22/23 mile mark at Cockenzie. 

Some how I sadly managed not to see Lesley the 2nd time, because I think I may have been in the ladies room behind a wall.

I did see Beth however and another friend Becky. Both said they were feeling slightly weary but they looked in good health. I scooted off back to the finish to try and see everyone.

The finish was very busy but all were found and and in relatively good spirits.

Both ladies finished in highly respectable times. Lesley 3:31 ish and Beth 4:22.

I am so proud of both of them. They also raised £700 towards Macmillan cancer. 

Also a big shout out to Kathleen who finished her first marathon and raised £800 for Alzheimer Scotland.

The Elite athletes coming through the 10 miles in 51 mins!

So fast.


So many people.

Storm clouds over Edinburgh.

Yeah Beth almost at the end.

Peace x