Monday, 28 January 2013

Wonder Winterland.

Not much to say about last week other than it was a bit snowy and wintery.

Wet and windy Tay Bridge.

Road to Crieff.

Road to Inverness.

A9 again.

Peace x

All photographs by Caroline Harvey.

Friday, 18 January 2013

A Brief Escape.

My weeks holiday has not exactly been a relaxing affair. Ok I have not had to set my alarm and go to actual work, but this decorating malarky is hard work (although going to be worth it). Anyway to escape the paint fumes for a short while I went for a run at a new location, the Lomond hills. It was a beautiful cold and crisp morning with very little breeze, just perfect to blow away my paint brain haze.

Having never been in these hills before it was fantastic to check out the views on the way up, also good excuse to catch my breathe. There was a lot of low cloud and what looked like a yellow pollution line across the sky, but none the less beautiful. It certainly did the job of clearing the cobwebs.

West Lomond.

View North.


Peace x

All photographs by Caroline Harvey.

Sunday, 13 January 2013

Demolition Girl.

Over the last few months I have been doing a lot in the way of flat refurbishments. Today was the start of the last room, my living room. It is quite a large task as it is a big room and requires much painting and it is getting the full changing rooms treatment.

However before work could begin there was one final task that had to be done, get rid of my old sofa. Many people will be upset with what I did to it, but it had to be done. The sofa has been with me since 1994 and was the last remaining remnant of a very old and different life. It was time to banish those sofa demons once and for all.

So I did this;



Aah the satisfaction. Then I took it to the dump and threw it in the skip. Demons be gone.

Peace x

photographs by Caroline Harvey

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

2013. Bring it on.

Wow, it's gone again, yet another year under my belt. They seem to pass faster and faster the older you get. One minute you are looking forward to the nights getting lighter, the next, Summer has apparently been and gone, the nights are dark again and goddammit it's the end of the year.

This Hogmanay was spent with friends in my house for a change and it was fun. Nothing outrageous, just chat, very old tunes on the record player then dancing with the children when we gave in and put their music on.

Don't dance too close it'll jump!

I am hoping that 2013 will be kind and treat me and my friends and family fair. Thirteen is an odd number and often considered unlucky to some but I am crossing everything that I can cross in the hope that it will bring me luck and happiness.

Peace x

Photographs by Caroline Harvey