Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Sick as a dawg!

Not much to be said about the last 10 days or so other than I never ever want to feel like that again and thanks to my wonderful Mater/nurse for coming to my much needed rescue.

I will let my art once again do the talking.

One happy moment!

Peace x

All photographs and works of art by Caroline Harvey.

Monday, 18 June 2012


According to Oscar Wilde; "Conversation about the weather is the last refuge of the unimaginative."

If that is true it does not say much about us as a Nation, but I fear it is definitely true of me this weekend, not that I had much conversation about it but it certainly rendered me unimaginative.

Yes it is June.

Summer lovin!

Peace x

All photographs by Caroline Harvey

Monday, 11 June 2012

Rewind and rewrite.

A rather damp Ralia yet again.

Now I think it is fair to say that I have not been in the finest of fettle for a good few months now. I am not going to divulge the reasons on here, but my wee blip has rather messed with my motivation and imagination. Recent thoughts have taken me back to days gone by that have been some of the most enjoyable of my life. Doing this reminded me of a point on my travels where I was worried about time and how I use time. I am going to repost a poem that I wrote in a post called "Time. It's a funny old game. Part II" back in 2010. I am reposting not because I think this is in any way a fantastic contribution to literary brilliance, but because thinking about it helps give me a little kick up the butt, hopefully!

Time, it marches so proudly,
Always forwards and never back.
So swiftly it slips unnoticed through our fingers,
Ticking, ticking, ticking.
When we are young, time is unimportant and we seem invincible.
It is only age that shapes the reality of time as it runs away with our days,
Always forwards and never looking back.
Make the most of every day, so that memories will brighten your darkest thoughts.
Be always hopeful that time will be kind and serve you well.
Be gracious and thankful to the good times, but learn and gain wisdom from the bad.
Don't waste time by thinking, what if?
Use time and ask yourself, what now?
Time is valuable and precious and yet we often treat it with disrespect,
But regardless, time will move on even if we suddenly do not.
Do not miss a second, do not miss a beat.
It will pass without you, always forward and never back.

On a lighter, note one observation from last week was that I saw a sheep, in a field, sitting down on it's haunches, which I thought was quite strange. I have seen them lying down and kneeling but never just sitting. It really did look like Shaun the sheep. Well I thought it was funny.

Peace x

All photographs by Caroline Harvey.

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Red, white and blue.

It has been hard to escape the fact that the UK has been celebrating the Queens Diamond Jubilee this weekend. Just in case you have missed this fact it means that Queen Elizabeth II has now been reigning as Queen of the UK and the Commonwealth for 60 years. In order to mark this occasion there was a flotilla on the Thames, a concert outside Buckingham Palace, the usual religious bit at St Paul's followed by processions and balcony appearances.

I think like many things "British" it was celebrated with more gusto South of the border, but there have been varying degrees of bunting and Union Jacks on display up here too. I have quite enjoyed it mainly due to the fact that we, the people, were given an extra day off work. Four day weekend. God Bless the Queen.

Flying flags.

My M&M version.

In other news this weekend it was the Mater and Paters' birthdays (not televised by the BBC) so popped up for a visit. Mum and I had a lovely wee walk on the Sunday which certainly blew away any cobwebs as half of it was along the very windy edge of the North East coastline.

 At Sandend beach there are remnants of anti tank cubes and pillboxes from World War II. They may no longer be needed to keep our enemies at bay, but they seem to be doing an excellent job of stopping or at least slowing down coastal erosion.

Anti tank cubes.

View of Sandend and the Mater from the pillbox.

We also passed a few fields on our travels.

A Moo Coo.



Peace x

All photographs by Caroline Harvey.