Sunday, 25 January 2009

A Good Day Out

There are times when a good day out in the hills can be had without an alpine start, and yesterday was one of them. We (Emma and I) had a change of hill plan as we could not access the Ben Lawers road due to ice, so we drove round to the other side of Loch Tay and found another route. Of course by this time the day was fair crackin' on, so a long walk was out of the question, but we had great fun ploughing through some thigh deep snow and got part way up Meall Mor. We will need to go back another day when we can get out of bed earlier and the weather stays clear all day.

As well as being a good day out in the fresh air, it was the first outing for my new digital SLR. I am still trying to learn all the new workings of it, but managed to get a couple of reasonable photographs. Photo above view of Meall Garbh.

All photos by Caroline Harvey.

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alpinedreamer said...

Nice pics!! I like the green and purple theme too :-)