Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Joe's + Me = Happy

Stripe power for only $4

Joe's Valley. I have to say I really do love this place. It is good to be back. I have been here just over a week now and as usual it has taken me a while just to get back into the flow of the rock etc, but yesterday it all came together nicely. I have been working this problem called Kill by Numbers on and off since last Saturday. I tried it on my previous trip but was fairly unsuccessful on it. I was equally unsuccessful last week when I began again and felt quite despondent at not being able to do the first move. I decided to project it though rather than just give up and managed to work out the beta that suited me best. I went back again yesterday with Dan my spotter, and not only worked out the last moves but managed to link it all together on only my second try of the full problem. I was amazed. It actually felt quite easy in the end which always surprises me. It was a really fun problem and quite a thuggy one for me as it starts in a small roof with a big reach out to a lip and then from there I had to do toe hooks and heel hooks along a slopey edge and then mantle out round a lip. I was so pleased we took a drive into town and purchased a few gluten free beers from the liquor store to celebrate. I think my new trousers from the thrift store provided extra stripe power. Now I need to find new projects!

Oh deer!

On a not so happy note, I hit a deer the other night driving to camp. You have to be fully aware when driving here at all times because of the deer and thankfully I was not gong too fast. I missed the first two that sprang in front of me but just as I was coming to a stop another two joined the party. I took the legs out from under it and it rolled up my bonnet and then back to the ground as I stopped. Thankfully I did not kill it as I would not have like to try and haul it off the road. It got up and limped away so probably died somewhere else, or got hit by another car.
It gave me a bit of a fright as deer are quite big when they are rolling up your car towards your windscreen. It could have been a lot worse but I am slightly annoyed that my car, which is mostly plastic now has a broken spot on the wing, but as I say could have been worse.

My bedroom/home/car

I have been sleeping in my car this time rather than my tent and it has been fairly comfortable so far. It has also been a lot less dusty which is great. I have also found the local swimming pool where I can get a swim and a shower for $4, so I have been keeping cleaner than my last visit too.

No climbing today, very stormy, rain, wind and thunder and lightening. Hopefully be good again tomorrow.

That is about all for the moment. Peace.

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bethgall said...

It sounds like Joe's suits you well and was worth revisiting. I love your new bedroom, it looks very cosy. Glad you are ok after your deer encounter. xx