Sunday, 23 September 2012

Sickness, drugs 'n' red rash!

 I have been poorly again! This is the second time this year which for me is about twice more than my average sick rate. I somehow managed to get another kidney infection, thankfully I realised the symptoms earlier this time and so was not ill for quite as long but it still knocked me for six.

A week past Wednesday I started to feel 'not right' and started to get stomach pains, fevers and chills and back ache. Unfortunately I was driving to and from Inverness on that day, so it made for a very long and uncomfortable journey. When I phoned the Doctor (70 miles form home) she was quick to prescribe me some antibiotics when I explained my circumstance and symptoms. Thankfully my good friend Beth collected them from the chemist for me so they were behind the door when I got home.

The drugs started to kick in quite quickly and after 4 days or so I was recovering, or at least the pain had subsided. It was a ten day course of antibiotics and after a week I started to notice a slight rash appear on the top of my legs. "Not good" I thought, so I checked the side effects of the drug in the mini novel you get with them and sure enough "1 in 10 may suffer from the following; sensitivity to light, feeling sick and itchy red rash". Awesome, I was that 1 in 10.

Thankfully that is also starting to fade now that I have finished the course of tablets. It really was not a pretty sight.

It must be said that possibly part of my recovery was due, when my appetite returned, to being fed some delicious dinners. A very lovely person thought that it might aid my recovery if I ate something more nutritious than tattie waffles. I know I did not think it true either, but apparently even Birdseye potato waffles do not contain all the nutrition you need. Not even if you add tomato ketchup. Shocker!

Thankfully mostly recovered now. Fingers crossed I won't relapse for a 3rd time, at least not this year.

Note to self.

Note to self. Day 2.

Trout, tatties (unwaffled) and green stuff.

Rash, before it got bad!

Peace x

All photographs by Caroline Harvey.

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