Friday, 22 May 2009

Mostly Green Things


A few weekends ago I visited some dear friends in Dumfries and Galloway. The weather was absolutely gorgeous, so a walk through one of the many forests was called for. I had a "Ooh all the plants are so lovely" day and went a bit snap happy with my camera. There were some weird plants though! A copse of monkey puzzles and millions of skunk cabbages. Who would of thought you could find those in D & G.

Monkey puzzles on a telly tubby hill


Almost tropical!

Very straight trees

A skunk cabbage. Smelly!

Cabbage as far as the nose can smell

Dead tree


All photos by Caroline Harvey


Hazel said...

As if a cabbage isn't smelly enough without adding the skunk bit! Once again you have produced brill photos - there are even a couple which have given me some writing inspiration...
Thanks! I love your blog and check every day to see if you have added any new pics. See you soon.xx

caroline said...

Not sure if it was edible or not, but could you imagine the smell :o)
Thanks xxx