Thursday, 4 June 2009

A Short Story

Wild life?

Once upon a time, 3 intrepid travelers ventured to the Lake District on a Bank Holiday weekend. Amidst all the other grockels out for a walk on a cloudy/rainy day, they came across some interesting wild life.

They climbed at a slow and steady pace up a long and winding road. 

The travelers were quite adventurous and veered off the normal tourist path for some peace and quiet, and took the short and steep route up the side of the hill.

Some of the rock was still quite wet so they had to be careful they did not fall off the edge. They were very brave!

At the top they found the sunshine and stopped for a wee refreshing cup of tea and a biscuit.

The view was pretty too. The flat lands of Englandshire spread out in front of them.

 The travelers were very thirsty after all there hard work. Luckily, liquid refreshments were close at hand. God bless the Scrumpy!

The End

All photos by Caroline Harvey

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