Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Overhangs, heel hooks and shenannigans

I have been in Hueco for just over two weeks now and have done a fair amount of climbing but mostly V0 to V1 with a few V2's thrown in for good measure. This is not to say that I have not tried harder grades, I have tried some 4's, 5's etc also, but usually failed at a few crux moves or just could not get my butt off the ground. There is climbing here that suits all styles but many are on over hangs and require heel hooks, toe hooks or other any other funky beta that you can think of. I generally am not that great at any of these, but am learning fast if i want to achieve anything here at all.

The other day I came back to a climb, a V3 called Lip Sync, that I had tried a few days previous and I knew with a little time, beta remembering and some patient spotters I could do. Thankfully after about 5 or 6 goes I made it. It was very pleasing as I think I was on the verge of giving up ever being able to do anything harder than V2. What makes it slightly harder here is that everyone seems to climb nothing below V7, so you end up feeling like a bit of a punter. Anyway, I enjoyed my moment of glory and will now seek out something else that will suit me.

Not much else to report here from Texas, the weather is still a bit mixed. We have cold nights and warmish days for the most part, but it did snow at the end of last week very briefly and we have 2 days of torrential rain. This morning looks like it will be bright and sunny when the sun gets to full strength in a few hours.

Ok the Park office is now open so I need to head off to get 2 passes for North mountain as we only have 2 reservations between 4 of us.

Love to all my girlfriends, really missing you all.


bethgall said...

Missing you too. Keep up the good climbing, it sounds like you are doing really well. Sam won the Robert Burns poetry competition for his class - he said he cried when they told him he had come first!! xxxx

alpinedreamer said...

Well done you!! Keep trying, you'll get there. And dont' be put off by other people. You're anything but a punter :-)
Lots of love xxxx

caroline said...

Thanks peeps.
Congrats to Sam winning his poetry competition, glad to hear he is not ashamed to admitting to crying, long may it continue.