Saturday, 23 January 2010

Jagged Little Desert

My mobile home.

Well I have eventually made it to Hueco Tanks, Texas, and so far apart from some rain all is good. There is going to be plenty of climbing to keep me occupied for a while that is for sure, although no significant sends to report yet. There are a lot of rules and regulations for climbing here, but so far we have not found it too much hassle. One thing that you do have to watch out for are the plants, everything seems to be very spikey and I do not want to land on any of them, so good spotters are a must on some problems.


Big thorns

Thorns and cactus

Spikey yuccas

Photographs by Caroline Harvey


Hazel said...

Yikes! Spikes! Galore!
Take care, I don't want you coming back looking like a teabag.

alpinedreamer said...

Wonderful pictures!! Hope you haven't contracted any splinters yet!