Monday, 21 June 2010

60 hrs driving in 5 mins

Here is a wee video i made of my epic drive from Tennessee to BC at the beginning of the month.
Oops this is only a small section of video. Blogger will not install my longer 5 min version. Sorry.


Hazel said...

That made me chuckle!!

caroline said...

I aim to please Haze. xxxx

Dolan said...

I already miss the road... If you come back through SLC, get a hold of Heather and I, we live here now!

caroline said...

Hey Dolan, Great to hear from you. I had heard that you guys had moved to the lovely SLC, very jealous so close to Joes! Sadly I will not be back through that way on this trip but if and when I am ever back State side i will look you up for sure. If by any chance you are ever in Scotland I will always have a room for you.
Take care and stay in touch

Tyra Shortino said...

That was a nice vid. Road trips are better when there's some good tunes on the radio. No matter what age it is, driving through those roads and highways feels kinda empty without good company and good tunes.

Caroline Harvey said...

Thanks Tyra, I concur whole heartedly.