Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Quiet Times

Well it is the last day of June already, so have been in Squamish for a month now. In that time I have not done a great deal of climbing, especially bouldering. I had a very enjoyable time with my friend Sandra for a couple of weeks before she had to head back to work. I led some more sports routes and got my first taste of crack climbing. All of which was amazing.

My psyche for bouldering is pretty low at the moment, mostly because of my continually aching shoulder, but also because I don't want to climb on my own but am having a particularly anti social spell. It is a weird paradox that is kind of hard to explain, so I am not going to try and bother. I think it is really just a symptom of being on the road for this length of time and my need for home comforts and friends etc is starting to kick in. Although I am free from the stresses and strains of normal life, this road tripping lifestyle can become quite tiring. Don't get me wrong I am not grumbling, I will leave that till I get home and have to find a job of some description! My body is starting to tell me that it needs some proper comfort like a good bed to sleep in, a comfortable chair to sit on, a readily available shower and somewhere to cook proper meals.

However, all that being said I am still enjoying being where I am and enjoying being outdoors. I have been passing my time just relaxing, reading books, taking photos, and walking and running some trails. I am making sure to savour these moments while I have them, because before I know it I will be back once again in The Burgh.


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