Wednesday, 14 July 2010


The last week or so has been very sunny and hot here in Squamish. I have found that the best place to go to get a bit of a cooling breeze is at the shoreline. Apart from being a dog walkers paradise, it also is the home of many permanent slack lines. I decided to try my hand at this dirtbag climber recreational activity. Fun.



alpinedreamer said...

Phew! Showing a bit of midriff there aren't you, missy? ;-) I don't think I'll be going swimming with you any time soon!!

Hazel said...

You could wash clothes on that 6 pack! Jealous? Moi? Yes I bloody am!
Love ya

caroline said...

Did not realise my shorts were so far down actually till I saw the photos. I was the only one there so it did not really matter. xxxx