Friday, 18 May 2012

Green and Maroon

Another week with not much to report. Lots of rain. Lots of miles. Lots of thoughts.

The one thing that has been talked about constantly is the Scottish Cup Final between Hearts and Hibs. The first apparently since 1896!

I am not really a huge fan of football or the overrated and overpaid players, but it has been hard to get away from the general buzz surrounding the game.

If I were to choose a team, I think I would choose Hearts just because my Grandad would have wanted them to win.

In homage to both teams the Jelly babies this week were going to have a wee 5 a-side game but sadly the pitch was too waterlogged so the game was abandoned.

Warehouse decoration.

Maroon and Green 5 a-side.

Peace x

All photographs by Caroline Harvey.


alpinedreamer said...

What's wrong with 11-a-side footy? Or did you "lose" 6 players (from each team!) on the way to the pitch??

Caroline Harvey said...

Not enough team members pre eating sadly :o(