Friday, 11 May 2012

Scottish Summertime

There are 2 types of Summer in Scotland.

 Type A, often referred to as a "Good Summer" is where the sun breaks through the clouds and is sometimes accompanied by a blue sky. We experienced this for a few days back in March if I remember correctly. Type A can also happen for one day possibly mid July where temperatures sore and break records, but usually not for more than 24 hours and definitely not on a weekend.

The tanning procedure of a Scottish person in a Type A Summer is as below. Although in real life the tan/burn generally is not full body (thankfully) and is generally only seen on the coupons, baldy heids and shoulders of men. On women, it is the chest area, shoulders and the front of legs.

Scottish Type A Summer.

Type B, often referred to as "Where is the f***ing Summer?" or "Winter" is when the sun never appears due to the thick gray mass of rain clouds that obscure it. On the odd occasion that it does break the chains that hold it firmly in place behind the clouds, it is clearly too tired to try and produce any heat.

The tanning procedure of a Scottish person in a Type B Summer is as below. Although there is usually more of a blue hue to the skin in this type of Summer as it has been preceded by at least 6 months of Winter (very similar to a Type B Summer, just darker).

Scottish Type B Summer.

Peace x

All photographs by Caroline Harvey.


Hasaanka said...

Couldn't be decribed better :)

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Caroline Harvey said...

Thanks lovely Peeps. xx

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