Saturday, 15 June 2013

Edinburgh to St Andrews Cycle.

Today, along with some friends, we took part in the Edinburgh to St Andrews bike ride. This event is organised by LEPRA and this year marked it's 33rd birthday. I have done it twice before but many, many years ago. So long ago in fact that I had actually forgotten and did not even recognise 90% of the route.

Beth and I did not register for the event until this morning as weather wise this event has a very poor track record, and I did not fancy 65 miles of torrential rain. However the rain seemed to stay away for the most part and the wind was very much in our favour, which was a blessing as I have not exactly been doing much in the way of training.

The route has a few steep sections which cause a fair amount of lung and leg burn, but combined with some downhill and long undulating sections, makes for an excellent tour, although at points some extra way markings and marshalls would have been useful. This event does have a very friendly and family orientated vibe to it, and people complete the course on a very varied array of bikes. It is definitely not just for your wanna be Bradley Wiggenses. There were even 2 girls dressed as crayons!

Our friend Charlie and his mates did an excellent job of completing the course, one team member did get a little lost but found his way eventually. Beth and I were just glad it wasn't us getting lost for a change. This was their first foray into the world of cycling and possibly their last, but they had a great support crew that brought us alcohol at the finish and a minibus to take the bikes home. Thanks guys.

The Crew

Well done Dolly.

Do it.

Windswept and sweaty!

St Andrews band stand.

2 out of 3 boys ain't bad.




A big thanks to Beth for her amazing flapjacks, they are the best cycling fuel ever and so delicious.

Great day out.

Peace x

All photographs by Caroline Harvey.


Nick Schierloh said...

Well done C. did you have an ice cream/lolly at the top of the Cleish hill? It's almost obligatory you know.

Caroline Harvey said...

Thanks Nick, no we just powered on through, but it was busy when we passed.