Sunday, 26 May 2013

The Amazing Mrs Mc.

Well for once the weather over the weekend has been great, sun, blue skies, no rain and the temperature in double figures! I think the term for describing it is "Summer", but have been mistaken in the past so won't jump to conclusions too soon.

Fingers were all crossed for the conditions to be good as my dear friend Lesley aka Mrs Mc, was running her very first marathon in our lovely home town of Edinburgh.

Along with her support team (Beth and I) we drove into town sharp in order to get parked and walk over to the start on Regent Road. The town was very busy with lycra clad bodies all heading in the same direction. We managed to get to our pink coded starting point with about 10 mins to spare for Lesley to get into "the zone". Beth and I continued down to just after the start line to shout our encouragement.

Getting ready.

Matching nails.

In the pink.


Go Mrs Mc.

With Lesley safely on her way, we headed back to the car in order to make our way to the finish in Musselburgh. A fairly simple task you would assume, but with a combination of road closures and heavy volumes of traffic due to the marathon itself, football fans leaving Easter Road and a police incident, this took us slightly longer than anticipated. However, we made it in time to see the first of the runners coming through and waited with great excitement to see Lesley make it to the finish.

As she was quite visible in her bright pink tee shirt we spotted her coming and shouted encouragement for the last few yards. The focus on the finish was too much though and she sadly did not see or hear us. A few minutes and a phone call later we were reunited and hugs were had all round. Finishing in a truly amazing time of 3hrs 33mins. It was enough to bring a tear to our eyes, we were all so proud.

Powering through the finish.

Spot the pink.

The end.

Wowser of a time.

Very proud friends and sister.

The medal.

Peace x

 Photographs by Caroline Harvey, Beth Gall and Jim Fordyce


Alicia Hudelson said...

3:33 for a first marathon! Wow. She should do more of them!

Caroline Harvey said...

She has already signed up for the Moray one at the beginning of Sept.