Sunday, 28 July 2013

Crossing the great divide.

The weather finally broke this weekend, so with our outdoor pursuits looking like a very wet option we thought to try a little bit of culture.

My cultural co-pilot although currently residing on the East side of the country is from the West and very much takes the view that "West is best", so it was decided that we go to the City of Culture, aka The Weeg!

Having only ever really been to Glasgow for shopping, which has and always will be "smiles better" than Edinburgh, I was keen to go and see some of the finer things the great city has to offer.

Basically, our afternoon went something like this; a very pleasant wander round Kelvingrove museum, lunch in a trendy deli/cafe, a drive by of the Clyde and various modern structures, and a visit to a Chinese super market.

It may not be everyones idea of fun, but I loved it and it was ideal on such a rainy day.

The West definitely ruled for today!

Red sandstone.

Loved these guys.

The big yin.

The King......

is in the building.

Peace x

All photographs by Caroline Harvey.

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