Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Old sofa recycled.

Those of you that read my little blog from time to time may remember my Demolition Girl post which outlined the joy I took in breaking up my old sofa.

In taking the sofa to pieces I cut out rather large patches of leather to get to the innards and necessary nuts and bolts. These pieces of leather I gave to a friend of mine called Lizzie, who, amongst other things,  is a very talented book maker.

Yesterday I received a very beautiful book made out of the leather that I had passed on to Lizzie.

It is extremely fabulous and I very much feel the need to show and tell you all about it.

My sofa never looked so good.

You can find more of Lizzie's amazing books at Starstruck Books, please have a look. 

Peace x

All photographs by Caroline Harvey


Starstruckbooks said...

I can't believe I have just been featured in a blog I love! (This was on my business goals list for next year!) :)
Thank you so much for the leather, and for your love of rainbows that let my imagination go wild when making a book for you!

Caroline Harvey said...

Lol, ah Lizzie you are too kind, you are more than welcome. I love your books and so should everyone else. ;o) x