Sunday, 8 February 2009

Behind the Fence

Allotments at Chesser

I woke up to big fluffy flakes of snow falling and lying on the ground and was excited at the chance of going out to play and photograph the snowy scenes. Sadly by the time I had eaten breakfast and dressed, not only had it stopped snowing but what had fallen had melted and disappeared. I needed a walk no matter what the weather so headed out into the now cold but dry morning. I took the long route across town that follows the Water of Leith, but this time towards Leith.

I enjoy this route as it not only gets you away from the traffic, but gives you a different perspective of the city. It is similar to going places by train and you see the back of industrial estates etc as you enter city boundaries. I love this behind the scene and often unglamorous view of places. With this in mind I decided to take some photographs of views that are kept behind fences.
The first photo is of the allotments at Chesser. Although not much was growing at this time of year, the jumble of the make shift sheds and fences is always interesting to look at. Allotment owners are the world's best recyclers when it comes to shed building.

Saughton bowling greens.

Murrayfield was surrounded by more fences than usual due to building works and setting up for the first 6 Nations match against Wales.

Reflection on the water.

Eventually after 3 hours I reach my final destination and place of worship. Alien Rock. Due to the bad weather I have not been climbing outside since the new year, so in order to stay strong for my upcoming trip I have been visiting the church of the plastic holds. A good 2 hour session of lead climbing helped build a healthy appetite for the extremely tasty Nepalese curry that was to be had later that evening.

Climbing a good religion to have!

All photos by Caroline Harvey


Penny said...

The reflection pic is beautiful! Looks like a painting.
A2 on wed. Be there.

alpinedreamer said...

I like the Church of Plastic Holds!! Does it have cult status yet, do you think?

Lovely pics... as usual!