Wednesday, 4 February 2009

My Town

Princes Street and cones

Sometimes I love it. Sometimes I hate it. Sometimes it feels so big I am like a lost child. Sometimes it feels so small it smothers you to the point of suffocation, but however it makes me feel it is My Town. Edinburgh. Scotland's capital and quite possibly the city with the most roadworks and traffic cones in the world, and that is just on Prince's Street.

Well today was a beautiful day with no wind and blue skies, so I decided to go for a walk with my camera (now to be known as Clive for no good reason other than just because...) It was an unusual winter day as you could walk without burying your face under a hood or into the neck of your jacket. I saw lots of things I don't normally see!

Now for those of you that know the city, you will be fully aware of how it is forever changing. It has an Old Town and a New Town, but today since I was looking skyward, I noticed a very new town. Lots of new architecture all across the city, much of which is being integrated with some old listed buildings.

 I loved the shadows that were being cast today, old and new merged perfectly at the site of the old Royal Infirmary on Middle Meadow Walk.

Mixing old and new at Quartermile, formerly 
Edinburgh Royal Infirmary.

Check the blue sky, nice.

At Fountainbridge the buildings continue to rise from the rubble. There are still a few remnants of the old Scottish and Newcastle Brewery, but it is fast turning into a vision of glass and metal. It will soon be the next hip and happening area of town that the shiny happy people will want to move to in order to be accepted at the office party.

To me this area of town will always be remembered for the brewery, the Tartan Club, the McEwans clock, and the point that you used to be able to get a taxi when staggering home late at night.
I think I will do more tours soon and show you more of My Town.

All photos by Caroline Harvey


JoPhoto said...

Top bloggin matey v cool

Penny said...

You got yourself some awesome pics! I especially like the ones with the dolls.
I can't work out how to create links but as soon as i do you're in!

Dave MacLeod said...

Great to catch up with what you're doing - Good work. Your taxi catching beta is filed for next time lost in Ed when pished. Thanks.