Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Fine Morning

The Scottish Parliament looking less gray than usual.

I was across the other side of town early this morning as my car had to go to the garage, so decided to walk home since it was such a fine day.
My journey took me through Holyrood Park and past the Scottish Parliament. I am not really a huge fan of the architecture of this building. Why? I don't think it really suits our climate. It was designed by a Spanish architect, who I presume saw buildings generally surrounded by blue skies and beautiful Spanish sunshine. He was obviously not accustomed to the gray skies, fog, mist and rain of Scottish skies. On a normal day this building just blends in with the background and to be honest looks fairly miserable. Today, however, I have to say it was looking quite pretty against the blue winter sky with the sun glinting off the metal facades.

The canal was mostly frozen, but had obviously been quite soft at some point over the last few days. These swan footprints frozen along the surface must have stretched out for about half a mile. The swan must have decided it was not worth trying to take off or did not fancy his chances on the landing.

It never ceases to amaze me the stuff that gets thrown on to the canal when frozen. There seemed to be endless bricks, branches, pipes, cans, bottles all frozen into the surface. The large upright pole amused me!

All photos by Caroline Harvey.

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alpinedreamer said...

LOVE the footprints!! How cute!