Sunday, 8 March 2009

Grit Virgins

Burbage South and blue skies

Well what a weekend! I was invited down to the Peak District this weekend with Emma, Diff and Kev. We were all hoping for some decent weather since for Kev and I it was our first visit to the Peak District and first taste of the famous Grit stone. I was very excited about not only bouldering outside for the first time since New Year, but checking out Grit too, groovy.

Diff had some filming to do, so we were at Burbage early on Saturday morning and although there was quite a breeze the sun was out and it was dry. Excellent! Emma and I found some fun looking boulders and got started on some easy problems. Wow, that grit ain't half sharp on the fingers, but good and sticky under the feet. We had a great play on about six problems before our skin started to sting, so thought best to keep some for the next day.

Emma on a nice wee 6a.

I woke at eight on Sunday morning and peaked out through the curtains to find that the wind and rain that hammered on the window for most of the night had cleared to leave beautiful blue skies. Yippee!

We set off to see what the Roaches held in store for us. Kev was psyched to find some routes that might suit him better than Burbage, and Emma and I were wanting some more bouldering fun. However, about three miles from our destination the weather changed. We had checked the forecast and some snow was due, but not till at least midday, it was only 9.30am. By the time we reached the Roaches it was blizzard conditions. Aaargh!

That was the end of the climbing for the weekend. All we had to look forward to now was the long drive home, but even though it was slightly disappointing on the weather front it was a great first outing on grit stone. Hopefully I can go back soon.

Snow at the Roaches

A near whiteout.

A disappointed Kev. Pesky weather!

All photographs by Caroline Harvey

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