Sunday, 1 March 2009


Climber Mike

As part of my college course we have to do a portraiture project. The last couple of weeks I have managed to persuade some very patient friends into the studio.

My first victim was the uber strong climber and very lovely Mike. We had a couple of hours and a lot to do, as I wanted to do digital and medium format photographs. It was my first outing with the Mamiya medium format camera and Mike was extremely patient while Joanne (assistant for the day) and I played around trying to get it to work. I was  trying to capture the chalk dust particles in the light and I think the results of the film and digital photographs were quite good. Thanks again to Mike for choking on chalk for two hours.

Glamorous Jo

Next victim was my good friend Jo. I have to do white and black background shots for the project, so thought Jo's pretty and petite physique would work well with the white and often harsh background. I find it quite a challenge to direct models, as it is something I have never had to do before and considering it was Jo's first time in the studio, I think we did alright!

Writer Hazel

Victim three, Hazel, this time in Almondell country park. My very good friend told me recently that after two years of hard work, she is getting her first book published in August. So never to miss an opportunity I suggested that we take some head shots, as the picture on her publishers website is quite an old one. We had an amazingly fun day out in Almondell, then moved to her favourite coffee shop in Colinton where we giggled our heads off trying to get some moody writer type shots. You can check out Hazels' blog in my good reads column.

All in all it has been quite a successful couple of weeks, but more practice is necessary. If anyone else fancies being a model for the day let me know.

All photographs by Caroline Harvey

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