Thursday, 26 March 2009

Not so pretty anymore!

Inviting don't you think? This is what will greet the throngs of tourists that visit the city this Summer. What once used to be a pretty street is now covered with so many railings it is difficult to see even the biggest landmarks!

 If you start walking from the West End you can not actually cross to the other side of the street or enter the gardens until The Mound, and if you wish to continue along Princes Street to the East End you have to endure being funneled half way up Hanover Street and back down again. In these credit crunching days I feel these road works may have dire consequences for the retail industry along this historic street. It was relatively quiet today, a Thursday morning, but add a weekend and a Festival of tourists during the Summer months, the now reduced single pavement is going to feel quite claustrophobic.

Single file please!

Castle Security

Two castles for the price of one.

Unless you are incredibly tall or happen to carry a step ladder around with you, this is now a typical view of the castle.

Scraping off the tarmac

How do I get in?

Scott Monument

Bloody trams!

This is what all the fuss is about! Oooh you mean I can go on and have a look and see what a tram looks like? Well funnily enough it is kind of similar to a bus, but smaller. As I was taking this photo an elderly couple walked past me and I over heard part of their conversation. 

Man: "Shall we go and have a look?"

Woman: "Only if you want me to get cross if anyone involved speaks to me!"

Man: "Maybe not then"

National gallery playing hide and seek

All photographs by Caroline Harvey.

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