Monday, 24 August 2009

My bag is not a Tardis

Well, it has been a long time in the planning, or at least it feels like it. Maybe I have just been talking about it for longer, who knows, anyway there is only 8 days left until I leave for my big trip to the States and Canada.

Am I prepared? I think so. I have done all the big important things anyway. I have my plane ticket, I have sorted all things to do with my flat and my car, I have organised bank stuff etc etc. I am however still trying to pack my bag, it is a very difficult task and I am having to make very tough choices over very small things. I know it is a girly thing because these huge dilemmas are over clothes, socks and pants. Don't get me started on shoes, I have finally made my peace with that one and know that I can only take trainers, climbing shoes and flip flops. It is a crazy situation as it has taken less thought on bigger decisions in my life, now it is taking me days of looking at and swapping around bundles of tee shirts, socks and knickers. Ok, I admit that I think I am a bit OCD about having at least a fortnights worth of clean socks and underwear, but I am getting all precious over everything else, and I know from previous experience I will wear the same things for days on end and that I can buy new things if I need them, but it is a tricky one.

This is what I have laid out about half and hour ago, it has since changed again. This little pile does not even include my climbing shoes, camera stuff, toilet bag....... and I am sure there is probably one very important thing that I am missing, but can't think what.

Nevermind, will go re-pack again and see where I can save more space. Maybe I only need 1 jumper!

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