Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Summer sun on the North East coast


A few weeks ago I headed North to visit the Mater and Pater with my beautiful nieces. Did the sun shine? Yes. Did the girls have fun? Yes. Did Grace jump in the water within the forst 15 minutes of arriving? Yes. Was the water cold? You bet your life it was. Did I, as a great and loyal Auntie follow and play joyfully in the water? Absolutely not. I did however watch carefully from the side and shivered at the very thought. Brrrrrrr.

An attractive photo of me taken by Grace, I think Rose was behind trying to do the usual rabbit ear thing but she is cut out. Cheeky monkey!

Flying fox action

The blue sky says warm, the North sea still says Baltic

Yo Dude!

Not quite point break, but very, very brave.

All photos by Caroline Harvey

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