Monday, 31 August 2009

Time. It's a funny old game...

View looking North Westish

It has been quite a strange old week and it seems to have passed in the blink of an eye. I have been catching up and saying goodbyes to many friends this week and the time has flown by so quickly that I can't quite believe that I am off tomorrow. I seem to have been organising "stuff" for an age and now it is time to go on my big journey. This weekend I had a wee last drink session with many good friends, which was great fun, although I am not sure I managed to chat to everyone properly, but a big thank you to all who could make it out. At present I have no photos from the evening, but i might get some. I went for a very windy walk up Arthurs Seat on Saturday with Emma and Diff, which was great as it gave me a chance to look at my city for the last time in a while. It is a great city, but it is time to take a break from its old walls and road works. I took a few photos with my point and shoot as you get great views, when the weather is clear. Many memories spread across the city.

My bag is finally packed, with thanks to my Mum who folded my clothes properly so they all fit, my cupboards are bare and I have less than 24 hours connection to my broadband and electricity. Am I prepared? I will keep you posted on that one.

Goodbye Scotland. Hello USA.

View to Leith and Firth of Forth

Queenies wee hoose and garden

The lions head

Views to the East

Wind swept. We weren't sure about the interesting.

All photos by Caroline Harvey

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Hazel said...

I'm sitting here greetin'! I can't believe you're going. Love to you and keep in touch. Be safe. XXX