Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Passing the time.

Road tripping on your own has it's pro's and cons, but whilst driving from Wendover to Moab today I was thinking about what I do to pass the time. Here is my list so far, they are in no particular order.

1) Sing along to the tunes that are blasting.

2) Dance (sort of) to the tunes that are blasting.

3) Change the radio channel every time a bad song comes on.

4) Take photos, when the road is clear and safe.

5) Butt clenches and pelvic floor exercises (maybe too much info).

6) Drink hot chocolate from my lovely blue Petzl thermos mug.

7) Look at the amazing scenery and wonder at the vastness of this country.

8) Look out for signposts and the occasional corner.

9) Look out for funny registration plates.

10) Wake up when I hit the rumble strips (joking).

11) Think about stupid things to write on my blog.

12) Add 7 hours to the time and wonder what all my friends and family are up to.

13) Guess the mileage of the next toilet stop or petrol station.

14) Look at things and think that they would make a great photo, if only I could stop.

15) Think about people I have met and conversations I have had.

16) Think about places I have been and places I want to go.

17) Wonder at what I am going to do with the rest of my life, although when this happens I usually try and do any or all of the above ;o)

Oh how the time flies. You can imagine the fun that I have.

Big love to y'all xx


Hazel said...

I love this. It's the ultimate in freedom. You're so brave Caroline. Yesterday I had to present Bree to 160 kids through in North Lanarkshire. Having all those wee faces peering up at me and having to entertain them all for an hour was terrifying but what kept me going was thinking about what you are doing and how fear can sometimes hold us back in life. There are times when we just gotta jump right over that ledge and hope for the best! Love ya. X

Beth said...

Glad to hear you are remembering those all important pelvic floor exercises :-)
Your pictures are fab. x

caroline said...

Thanks and thanks xxx

NeraK said...

Im looking forward to reading your next instalment! You could always take a detour to Switzerland in that car of yours. There's lots of places to climb here.