Sunday, 4 October 2009

Utah photos part 1

On the I-70 from Colorado to Utah

The road ahead, no roundabouts, no traffic lights for miles and miles

Self portrait, it's legal to use a camera whilst driving, isn't it?

The Accent in Utah

Sweet boots

I didn't go that way!

Camping dinner with a view

The reservoir


The best view from a bath ever I think, chilly though!

The crew, Wes, Daryl, Paul and Claire

Wes on Hooters

Daryl and Wes

Claire on Wills a fire, her nemesis

The place in SLC to get good back medicine

I like these they look like little firemen

Never far from home

Knifes and Coca Cola an American institution

The Mormon Temple in SLC

Photos by Caroline Harvey

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Hazel said...

Love it! Brilliant. Makes me miss you even more. X