Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Salt flats and Wendover

Salt flats and Accent

Self explanatory sign post


Salt flats and weather

Bored in Wendover

What to do?

No gambling, no drinking. Oh wait yes I can just step over the line.

I have a thing for signs at the minute.

The bat phone and bible, just in case.

Plastic grass, nice.

That's nice of them, didn't know they liked the internet.

Crap fast food. Endless.

Don't know Mr Stewart so will take the cash.

I may be a monster truck but Jesus will save you if I hit you. Doubt it!

Not your average trucker, the 10 commandments were also printed on this truck.

He was certainly carrying God size tyres.

All photos by Caroline Harvey

1 comment:

Hazel said...

Don't think I would cope well with all the bible bashing! Great photos though. Nice to see you in one of them, I was forgetting what you looked like. Lots of love XX