Saturday, 12 December 2009


I have been in Bishop, California now since last Monday evening. I had a bit of a mare trying to get my hire car for this trip, as the very cheap company that I had booked on line then tried to charge me $900 dollars for insurance, which was just ridiculous. So I told them I no longer wanted the car and then got another through Enterprise. I eventually arrived here in the evening rather than during the day, but all was good, as I met up with some friends that I had met in Joe's and stayed the first night in an apartment. The next day I pitched my tent in The Pit (BLM camp site) and was ready to roll. I have managed to climb for 3 days and have had a little taster of The Sad, The Happy and The Buttermilk boulder areas. The problems I have seen so far are amazing. The rock is a mixture of Granite and volcanic rock and is amazing to climb on. My skin has even been holding up so far. I have a feeling though that I may not climb as hard as I want to yet again. I have done a few of the easier lines, but my goal of doing a V5 or a V6 seems like it might not be possible. It is snowing really heavy today, but once the weather clears I am going to try my hardest to maybe project a couple of problems and hopefully send something cool. My days are limited though as I am only here till the 20th Dec so this may not be possible for me. We will see and keep fingers crossed, it gets a little frustrating after a while, but I will persevere and try and perfect my technique which I know is letting me down much of the time.
I will try and post some photos soon.


alpinedreamer said...

Honeybee, Granite IS a volcanic rock :)

Just back from a 10 hour drive from Norfolk. Crap weather, crap traffic and a bloody long way! London tomorrow - by plane. Phew!


caroline said...

Ooops, this is why I miss you so much! xxx