Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Fat hand and a cankle

Fat hand

I successfully made it back, to what now seems to have become my second home in LA and am hanging out over Christmas with my good friend Wes and his family.

Here are a few picture of my recent injuries. My thumb is getting better every day but still looks quite swollen and is turning purple. My ankle is also lacking in definition and changing colour but it is my heel that is giving most discomfort still. I have been icing on a regular basis which is helping but as usual I am very impatient and want them to heal immediately.

I am extremely grateful to have somewhere comfortable and warm to recuperate. I feel a lot of laying on the couch watching movies may be the best form of medicine in this instance.

You can see the bruise coming through nicely

Where has my bone gone?


alpinedreamer said...

Oh dear. Sometimes I think you need injuries to make you rest. Must be a sign. Take heed :)

Will write properly when I'm done with work by the end of today. It's been frantic to say the least.

Take care. e xxxx

Hazel said...

Oh Caroline! You poor wee soul. Your extremeties are unrecognisable! Still, nice to see some cosy carpet rather than snow...Have a lovely time over the festive period. I think we are now set up for Skype and I look forward to seeing you soon. Much love and some healing powers sent to you. XXXX

Beth said...

Ouch, they look sore. Have you had your ankle checked out, it looks quite bad! We would like you home in one piece :-) xxx

caroline said...

No not had them checked, I think they should be fine just some ice and rest should do the trick hopefully. I promise I will be home in one piece, don't worry. xx