Thursday, 31 December 2009

That time of year again!

Manhattan beach on Christmas day
(sorry about the big dirty mark in the middle of the photo, my little Fuji has a big piece of dirt under the lens, which I can not remove and am quite annoyed about!)

Well for those that know me well enough you will be aware that I am not the greatest fan of Christmas, so it will be no big surprise to hear that I am pleased it has passed for another 360ish days. That being said I had a very pleasant day here in the US of A, although I did feel a bit like I was gatecrashing someone else's party. However, my hosts were incredibly kind and the day passed without any fuss or hassle. Just the way I like it.

My friends were all very kind to me and posted me a Christmas parcel that included amongst other things some Santa deely boppers, rudolph earrings, snowman socks and 3 pairs of Crimbo pants. The picture at the bottom of the post is proof that at some point during the 25th I was briefly in the Christmas spirit :o)

It is now almost the dawning of yet another new year, I have at this moment in time about 23 hours until 2010. Every year I am amazed at where the time passes and how quickly it can slip through your hands without you ever really noticing. The start of a new year always makes me think too much about my life, the people in my life and the people not in my life anymore. This can be good but often gets me a little upset. This year I think will be no exception as all my friends are so far away, but I will not dwell on this long as I don't like being sad and what ever I do to celebrate I will enjoy it and make sure that I make it a memorable one.

I promise I will raise a glass to toast to the health and happiness to all the people that I love the most in this world. I am not going to mention names, you know who you are and what you mean to me. xxx

Anyway enough of the sentimental waffling, heres hoping 2010 is good to us all. Enjoy.

A truly awful picture of me trying to look festive

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alpinedreamer said...

That's not a truly awful picture! Santa antennae suit you very well ;-)