Friday, 8 January 2010

A slight change of plan

Plans, always good to have even a vague one but sometimes you can not account for unforeseen circumstances. This was one of these times and circumstances beyond my control mean that I am not in Texas but back in Bishop. I am not sure how long I will be here but I reckon till the weekend at least. I still have not fully recovered from the injuries that I sustained on my last visit here, so have had a very wary first day back on the rocks. Very easy and low ball climbs were on the menu today and that is exactly what I did. It was a beautiful day here in Bishop, much warmer than my December visit, although the nights are still quite cool but at least it is above freezing.

It was good to get back on the road again after nearly two weeks of recovering and festivities. I have very kindly been given a loan of a car this time which is making this unscheduled trip a cheap one. I had forgotten how much I love road tripping in this country. After the chaos of LA traffic that is the I-405 N, which took about 2 hours to cover 30 miles and extreme vigilance as most of the time there is not enough room to squeeze a credit card between each car, I cruised steadily towards Bishop. This car as a power output unit in it so I could listen to my Ipod through my headphones without draining its' battery, which is great because the radio reception is bad. Good music, loud singing and the road, I love it.

I have learnt over the years that for the most part I am a social animal and enjoy the company of others. However I have noticed since embarking on this solo trip that there are times when I just do not want to talk to anyone simply because I am not in the mood for idle chit chat with random people that do not know me. This may seem like a fairly anti social thing to do and is not a great way to meet people but sometimes I just can't fight the urge to hideaway and that is exactly what I did today. After a fairly relaxed breakfast I ventured to the Happy boulders and found a few easy problems within one area and just hung out and played there all day. None of the problems were overly hard as I am trying to be very careful not to further injure myself, but I had an enjoyable day being lost in my own thoughts and more good tunes. I would like to say that what I was thinking was amazingly monumental, inspirational, insightful etc, but alas no, just general musings. One of these days maybe, you never know. Anyway it was a good day maybe I will try and be sociable tomorrow.


alpinedreamer said...

I wanna go hide too! xxx

caroline said...

I wish you could come hide here with me. xx

Anonymous said...

nice post. thanks.