Sunday, 10 January 2010

Ye Dancing?

Buttermilk country

"Ye dancin?"
"Ye askin?"
"Ahm askin"
"Then ahm dancin"

..... but sometimes there is just no one there to either ask or dance with. After a rather depressing day of climbing, or not as the case may be, in the beautiful Buttermilks yesterday I decided to head to the Sads area in the hope of finding easier problems with bigger holds.

I was out and about early as the condensation dripping off the inside of my tent woke me up. I have only been once before to this area so was interested to see what it had to offer. It seemed fairly quite for the weekend with only a dozen or so people throughout the canyon. Again I found myself just doing my own thing and trying to build up my confidence, as my injury inducing falls have set me back more than I thought. Anyway, I have been listening to my Ipod a lot at the moment and just losing myself to the lyrics of various artists. Today though I needed to dance, and I mean needed to. I realised that I have not danced in months. It is not like I go out clubbing when I am back home but I am prone to dancing round the house with tunes blasting and it is one of the things I miss. So today I found a quiet spot and danced! I think I danced for about 45 minutes and only to 3 tunes repeated over and over. Awesome! It felt good. I am not a great dancer in any way shape or form but it felt good just to groove a little. I don't think anyone saw me but to honest I did not care. I think it gave me a little endorphin release, which I have been missing since I have not been running in an age.

The tunes I danced to in case any one is at all interested were;
K T Tunstall - Hold on
Paolo Nutini - 10/10
Sublime - Caress me down

It also made me smile because a friend once told me that I only like music that makes you do a jazz hand, side to side style dance thing (the demonstration was better than my words) and I think he was probably right!

I need to dance more often, make sure you do to.

Photo by Caroline Harvey


Hazel said...

That's inspired me, I'm off to put on a bit of Mika and have a good old boogie! The iamge of you dancing by yourself with only you hearing the music really made me chuckle! I'll never forget your "stag" dance. Classic. Much love xx

Beth said...

I'm in the mood for dancin', romancin'
You know I shan't ever stop tonight
I'm in the mood for dancin', romancin'
Ooh I'm given' it all tonight
I'm in the mood for chancin'
I feel like dancin'
Ooh so come on and hold me tight

Dancin', I'm in the mood, babe
So let the music play
Ooh I'm dancin', I'm in the groove, babe
So get on up and let your body sway

I'm in the mood for chancin'
I feel like dancin'
Ooh from head to my toes
Take me again
And heaven who knows
Just where it will end

Cheesy but fab.
Never stop dancing!


caroline said...

Ah the good old stag, got to do it every time I hear Flashdance, and as for the Nolans, well words fail me, my feet are tapping already.
Much love
C xx

alpinedreamer said...

"There may be trouble ahead
But while there's moonlight and music and love and romance
Let's face the music and dance.

"Before the fiddlers have fled
Before they ask us to pay the bill and while we still have the chance
Let's face the music and dance

"Soon we'll be without the moon, humming a different tune and then
There may be teardrops to shed
So while there's moonlight and music and love and romance
Let's face the music and dance."

I'm sure this should be followed by something about the going being good, but I'm crap at lyrics as you know!!!!! Glad you had a wee jiggle about but sorry you didn't have your red dancin' shoes on!
Lots of love xxx

alpinedreamer said...

Just had visions of the Russians watching you from their satellite's. You must look like the iTunes lady! ;-)