Thursday, 25 March 2010

A wee spot of culture

Even though Vancouver is still in the grips of Olympic fever, there are still other events happening in and around the city. Last weekend there was a free performance by the Aeriosa Dance Society at the public library. They were performing in and outside the building. I sadly did not get to see the indoor part of the show, as only 400 people were allowed inside but I did see the outdoor part. It was an amazing show, basically they dance to music on ropes whilst hanging off a building. They made dancing on the side of the library look effortless and beautiful. My photos do not really do them any justice but gives you the idea. The next time I am rappelling down a cliff face I must try and do it with a bit more elegance and grace.

My next hit of culture was hockey. Very, very Canadian. It took place in GM Place the home of the Vancouver Canucks. They were playing against the Anaheim Ducks from California. The previous night the Canucks had a terrible game and lost away to the Edmonton Oilers, who apparently are not good. So it was a big question as to how they would play the next night at home to the Ducks. I am not that well versed in what constitutes a good game but a 4 - 1 win seemed to appease the Canucks fans. Of course some of the best parts of the game were the fights, and there were at least 3 good ones. Those boys go at it big style when they get angry! One player, George Parros, from the Ducks, who looked like a cross between Magnum PI or possibly a member of The Village People, spent more time in the sin bin than he did actually on the ice. I was not really too bothered about the result but it was a great nights entertainment.

National anthem time. A quiet Star Spangled but rousing Oh Canada.

Practice. I did not get on the big screen thankfully.

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