Friday, 24 February 2012

Tour de Scotland.

Well it's Friday again. I can't quite believe it, the week has passed so quickly. I have had a busy but extremely enjoyable week.

My new job is taking me all over the country and at the moment I am loving every minute of it. I had forgotten how beautiful my own country is, even in dreich weather. I have travelled approx 1300 miles and been to Stirling, Perth, Inverness, Callander, Crieff, Pitlochry, Aberfeldy, Blairgowrie, Braemar, Ballater, Elgin, Forres, and Kirkcaldy. 

I even got to have an overnight stay with the Mater and Pater this week, which was fabulous. The best dinner, bed and breakfast in the North East.

My observations of the week are;

1) Scotland has to be the rainbow capital of the world. I have seen so many rainbows this week I have lost count, but it is well over a dozen. Sadly there has never been an opportune moment to stop and try and take a photo, so you will just have to take my word for it. In my world seeing over a dozen rainbows in one week makes me smile lots and makes life all the more worthwhile.

2) The majority of car drivers on the A9 are complete w**kers and have a death wish for themselves and anyone else who may get in their way. As a general rule it would seem to be that they are male, drive an Audi A4 and are obviously in a very big hurry to sell stuff that is so important to mankind that it could possibly not wait the few precious minutes it takes to get to the next dual carriageway. 

3) Pheasants on the A9 also have a death wish and like to play road roulette. Not hit one yet, but close!

4) Apart from the zig zag sign posts that tell you that the road has a few twists and turns coming up the second most popular sign post on Scottish roads is "oncoming traffic in middle of road", or indeed taking up the whole of the road.

Lunch stop, A9.

Always good to know where you have lunch.

Glen Shee, Old Military Road.

Lunch stop on Thursday.

Loch Lubnaig.

Other good news of the week is that I have managed to go climbing 3 times to Alien 1. It is so good to go back as a customer again, makes climbing much, much more enjoyable. Had great fun with my climbing buddies. Thanks for the belays. 

I forgot to mention that last weekend I also went to the Museum. It is the first time I have been since it has been refurbished and I have to say it is absolutely amazing. I could stand in the main entrance hall all day just marvelling at the space and light. If you have not been yet it is a must, best free entertainment you can get in Edinburgh on a dull day.

Beasties big and small.

Peace x

All photographs by Caroline Harvey.


Nick_S said...

I took a few of this museum hall last time I was in. All I can say is: I want your eye for composition and your lens.

Caroline Harvey said...

This was just taken with my wee point and shoot Nick. Nowt fancy at all, but thanks.

Hazel said...

This just reminds me how much I NEED to live in the middle of nowhere. Scotland is stunning.
Must, must, must catch up through the week X

Caroline Harvey said...

There are certainly plenty middle of nowheres in Scotland. Will text you, been a bit busy but def need a catch up it's been too long :o( Loves xxx