Sunday, 29 April 2012

Mutant sheep.

It seemed like a lovely day for a walk through the grasslands of Jellyland. Mr Orange hadn't been feeling so peachy recently, so thought the fresh air would do him good. He had been walking for an hour or so and was in the heart of the grasslands. The terrain was quite tough going, as not too many people ventured this far, but he was an adventurous soul and could not resist getting off the beaten track.

All of a sudden he came across some oddly coloured sheep. Initially he thought it was just the farmer dying them in order to find them more easily. The grasslands did cover a very large area of Jellyland after all.

What Mr Orange did not realise is that these sheep had been part of a biological experiment and had managed to escape their compound. The sheep were infact infected with a virulent strain of SOM (Shaun Oves Mortius) which turned them into zombie sheep.

Not a good day for Mr Orange.

The End.

Peace x

All photographs by Caroline Harvey

1 comment:

Nick Schierloh said...

I bet a forensic pathologist could link you with the death of Mr Orange.