Saturday, 28 April 2012

Pain, rain and peanut butter.

It has just been one of those weeks that you just think "What is going to happen next?" Nothing in particular was a major problem, but I just did lots of little things that were either unusual for me to do or just stupid. For example I left work and left my van open and unlocked, left my front door unlocked over night, dinged my van, boxes fell out the van a scraped down my shin! I blame the fact that I have a sore head since our bike ride last Saturday. At the start of the week it felt like my head would explode but it has eased off considerably now, but still just does not feel right.

I think it has been a mixture of dehydration and tense neck muscles so have been trying to drink more water and doing self neck massage! It didn't help that the weather has been slightly oppressive. I always think that the gray weather ways down on my psyche quite alot, and this week it was very gray.

There is however a happy ending to this story. I am sometimes partial to a wee peruse around TKMaxx on my way home from work on a Friday and since I got away sharp and it was pay day.... I found to my surprise that they had a brand of peanut butter that I have only ever had in the States. I love this stuff. On my year trip I virtually survived on this spread over a corn tortilla with mushed banana and honey. Heaven.

A selection of pain killers.


More rain.

Heaven. God bless the US of A.

Peace x

All photographs by Caroline Harvey.

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