Sunday, 1 April 2012

Grumpy old woman.

I am not sure when it happened, but I would now classify myself as a grumpy old woman. Not all the time obviously, but sometimes the overwhelming urge to grump is just too powerful to ignore. Last week I found myself grumping about many things, mostly to myself admittedly, but will share some of these grumps with you now.

1) The Government and their stupid petrol crisis nonsense.
2) The Government and their even more stupid petrol crisis advice.
3) People in general who take heed of the Government and their stupid warnings and advice.
4) People, generally women, who still think that they are sitting gossiping in Starbucks when in actual fact they are driving a car. They should realise that there is also a minimum speed on motorways and that the lines painted on the roads are there for a reason, not just to make it look pretty.
5) BT for doing line maintenance thus rendering my internet connection impossible. Do they not realise it is my only connection to the outside world and why do it at dinner time on a Thursday!
6) The Range Rover Evoque. It just looks like it has been sat on by an elephant.

I am sure there were more but I will only go in a bad mood again if I talk about them. So things that have made me happier in between grumps or made me smile.

1) The sunny weather. Global warning is great sometimes.
2) The fields of daffodils on the A90 around Montrose. They are true fields of gold, if you drive past roll down the window as they smell fantastic too.
3) The changes of colour in the landscape. The red ploughed fields on the A90 are also amazing.
4) The police ticketing a guy in Stonehaven for parking on the zigzags as he popped into a bakers to get his lunch. Expensive roll.
5) Seeing a magnificent stag standing on the edge of a hill.
6) Seeing blue traffic cones!

One observation this week that may help you from having a grumpy day at some point. If you are ever sat behind or to the side of a fully loaded animal truck, make sure you roll your windows up. It would take a lot of cleaning to get the smell of cow urine out of your upholstery.

Anyway enough of my mind meanderings here are a few photos.

Arbroath Abbey.

Huntly Castle.

Royal daffs.


Stonehaven harbour.

Loch Achray.

Grangemouth (Saturdays scenic cycle)

Peace x

All photgraphs by Caroline Harvey.


Nick Schierloh said...

Grumpy? Maybe occasionally.

Old? Not yet!

Smiley? Usually/


PS Like Stoney picture.

Starstruckbooks said...

You hide your grumpy very well rainbow girl! :)
(The police ticket made me laugh, glad they catch at least one of them!)

Caroline Harvey said...

Glad I made you laugh Lizzie. Dressing up in my rainbows did cheer me up. Must do more often :o)