Tuesday, 7 August 2012

My Grumbling Ways.

When you are out and about on the roads all the time you see some weird and wonderful driving. I am by no means perfect myself I admit, but seriously it amazes me some people are still alive.

One thing that has always slightly got my hackles up are these people that insist on telling me that they have a baby, child, Prince or Princess on board. Are they just boasting that they are good at procreation, because to be honest I don't really care.

When I set out on any road trip, may it be short or long, I endeavour not crash into any other vehicle whether they are carrying a child or not. However this can sometimes prove difficult when some "baby on board" drivers are so distracted by their precious offspring that they weave wildly across both lanes of the motorway or indeed forget where they are going and pull out at the last minute from the off ramp they were travelling down!

Although a tad long winded "baby on board" notices should really say "Tired, grumpy, angry and easily distracted from driving parent on board. Please keep your distance."

Apologies to any of my friends that might have one in their car window, I am sure that this rant does not apply to you.

Double rainbow.

Peace x

All photographs by Caroline Harvey.


Hazel said...

I hate those signs too, almost as much as I hate fluffy toys on the parcel shelf or fake eyelashes on headlamps.
However, I did read an article about Baby On Board signs. Apparantly they were first introduced in America after a few babies had gone unnoticed following Road Traffic Accidents. Firefighters were leaving the scene without realing there was a little'un strapped in the back. So, those signs are supposed to alert emergency services to the presence of a child...not for annoying parents to show off their reproductive skills or which football team their darling child supports! Take care on those roads.

Caroline Harvey said...

Fair point, did not think about that. Then in that case they should take them off when there is no child in the car. x

Hazel said...

...or be banned from football strips and pink, glittery Princess ones. Euch.

Caroline Harvey said...

Yes indeed. I agree. x