Thursday, 21 February 2013

Grumpy Old Woman. Part II

I have not had a rant on here for a while, but the time has come for me to vent once again. This particular grump I have with the world has been ongoing for a while now and I know that I am not the only one that feels strongly about this topic.

Before I proceed with my steam venting, I would like to make it clear that I am all for fashion trends, I may not agree with all of them but I don't expect people to like all the things I wear. However this trend of wearing what essentially are a pair of tights as leggings must stop. It is in my opinion a heinous crime of which people should be at the least reprimanded for. If ever there was a call for having fashion police it is now.

This winter has been pretty chilly by all accounts and so the females to which I refer have been "wrapping up" to stay warm, but I feel they have been misguided in their choice of warm clothing by reading too many glamour and style magazines which show unusually tall, waif like models in body hugging apparel.

My grump point was tipped past it's balancing point at the weekend  when I decided to take a wander into town and back. This journey very obviously took me along varying city streets and because it was such lovely weather many people were also out and about. Unfortunately, instead of witnessing the first growths of a budding Springtime all that seemed to grab my attention were the many sets of female buttocks wobbling around in a thin gauze of material. It almost made my eyes bleed. Why oh why can they not see, that what they are wearing to cover their legs, are see thru and designed to be worn with other items of clothing preferably covering their, often not so petite, derriere.

Don't get me wrong I am not a tight hater, in fact I love tights. I have thick tights, thin tights and running tights, but with exception to the ones I run in I always wear a skirt. Granted it is often a mini skirt (thank you Mary Quant), but paired with what I call bullet proof tights looks ok. I would not just wear my tights. I do not wish to show the world the colour and design of my knickers or god forbid G string. I don't understand how the opaqueness of tights can be confused with actual fabric thickness.

If you couple this particular female fashion together with trendy boyfriend and skinny half mast jeans showing off his knickers, well I am afraid it is just too much for me to take. Not only is she walking on the non sole part of her fake Ugg boots, but he can barely waddle faster than a duck walking through treacle.

 Grr grr grr!!!!!!!grrr grrrr!!!! ....... and breathe.

I know this is not just a UK phenomenon as American Apparel have printed a label on some of their products, see below, but it must stop. Please, someone, make it stop.

Peace x


Nick Schierloh said...

Oddly, for a man that is, I'm with you on this. That sort of see through portion of tights between legs and miniscule shorts - not good.

Your G-string revelation - now that sets the pulse racing! ;-P

Caroline Harvey said...

i don't wear them, but some people who wear tights as leggings do!

Nick Schierloh said...

Must have willfully misread the text. :-)