Thursday, 14 February 2013

Sofas and Squelching.

I have been on holiday from work this week and once again it has been filled with home decor stuff, but finally it is finished. The final pieces of the jigsaw fell beautifully into place this week with the delivery of various furnishings falling back to back. The piece de resistance of course being my rainbow stripey suite. Quite possibly the best thing ever bought.

A friend photoshopped my original picture. Fantastic.

Sofa climbing.

The other fun thing this week was a head torch 10k run round Dalkeith Country Park. It was quite possibly the most miserable night of the week, wet, windy and cold, but once we got going it was fine. Lots of fellow running nutters to keep us company. In fact I loved it, lots of mud and a totally different running experience. A very well organised event by the Tri Centre, thoroughly enjoyable.

Pre race trying to stay warm in the car.

Very muddy trainers.

Peace x

All photos by Caroline Harvey

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