Saturday, 2 February 2013

Time to Bike.

I am not great at cycling through the winter as it is usually too cold, wet and windy for my liking. I have been out a couple of times since the turn of the year, but decided a few weeks ago to go get my bike fitted properly. I realised that I still did not feel 100% comfortable whilst riding and felt that my movement was not overly efficient, and since I have signed up for a sportive at the end of April, it was time to get fitted to become more at one with my bike.

I booked into Ronde and had the very lovely James McCallum help with the fitting. It is surprising the vast difference a few small adjustments of the seat and handlebars can make.

This morning was my favourite type of weather, cold and crisp with very little wind, so headed out on my newly adjusted bike. Rather than go on my regular loop I thought I would cycle to Arthurs Seat and go round the hill a few times. I ended up doing 3 rotations before heading home. It was only a total of about 19 miles, but a great workout and showed me that I have much more work to do before April.

Although a short cycle, it was great to test my new position. I used to feel a great amount of tension in my shoulders and never find a comfortable position on my seat. Today felt great, just lacked the fitness and stamina required for my sportive. I think the Seat will become my new interval training ground, the back road is great when traffic free.

East view.


Peace x

Photos by Caroline Harvey.

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