Sunday, 19 May 2013

Pedal on Parliament.

Today, me and family Gall, Pedalled on Parliament. This was my first ever experience of participating in any kind of demonstration and I have to say it was a very pleasant one. We met at Harrison Park and then cycled to the main gathering point at the Meadows, where we joined hundreds of others.

I have cycled many miles and many years on Edinburgh roads and have often cursed and bemoaned drivers, the state of our roads and general lack of cycleways, so it was about time that I should lend a hand to the cause.

It was great to cycle from the Meadows to the Parliament without traffic, but it was very apparent on our way home how unsuitable our streets are for cycling in a group with small children.

Good afternoon out and the rain stayed away. Bonus.

Near the front of the line.

Pandas POP.

The back of the line.

Panda Power.

At parliament.

Peace x

All photos by Caroline Harvey

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