Sunday, 14 June 2009

3 strikes and almost out!

It was a funny old week last week. I am not usually very clumsy etc but last week on 3 consecutive days I managed to injure myself.

Wednesday, walked out of Alien 2 after a nice wee bouldering session, tripped off a step, fell forwards and smacked my knee of the ground. It was a true comedy moment, but thankfully no one saw me.

Thursday, climbing at Alien 1, fell off the lead wall and swung sideways smacked into the side wall. This is normally fine but I had hung my belay plate on the back of my harness and so it was nicely positioned to cushion the blow between my butt and the wall. Very sore!

Friday, woke up and went for run, all good. Once home decided to stretch my very tight muscles, bending over I felt an all too familiar and sickening twinge in my lower back. Instant panic and ibuprofen for breakfast.

Thankfully the back pain has not done it's usual trick of putting me out of action for 3 months. At the moment anyway. Fingers crossed it was just a reminder that exercise is really just not that good for you.

All in all quite a pain full week, but I do love a good bruise!


Hazel said...

I knew it all along! Exercise is not good for your health! Thank goodness I was right, I thought I was a freak.
You poor thing. You're a walking disaster! How's the back? xx

caroline said...

I know you can give me the whole "Told you so" lecture the next time I see you. Back ok so far I think...