Sunday, 28 June 2009

Last One Ticked

Yesterday was a momentous day for two reasons. 

Reason one. I was invited to walk with Tony while he completed his very last munro, Beinn Na Lap. That means this was his 284th munro. Amazing achievement, I think I have done about 6.

It was quite a long day but well worth it and the weather was extremely kind to us. Emma and Diff picked me up at 8:15 am and we set off for Crianlarrich. We had to get there for 10:20 or we would miss the train, so there were a few anxious moments when we got stuck behind caravans, lorries and Christian carrying mini buses. Thankfully we made it with about 5 mins to spare.
At Crianlarrich train Station we met with Tony and some of his friends and family, from there we got the train, which runs on the West Highland Railway line, to Corrour station. This is a very scenic train ride which takes about an hour. Arriving at Corrour, you are already 400m above sea level which only leaves a 540m to walk. 
The walk itself does not take too long, we lingered at the top long enough to have some food and drink some pink fizz, but it was blowing an absolute hoolie and quite chilly, so we headed down back into the sunshine after about half an hour.
We then rested and got liquid refreshments at the station house and waited for the next, only and last train at 6:25.

Loch Ossain

Tony, Emma and Diff taking a breather

Stuart and Tony

Jess striding out on her first munro

She did have fun, honest.
Slow and steady does it

Celebratory drinks for Tony

The cairn at the top

Beinn Na Lap

Pretty things, as usual

Corrour train station

What this sign should say is beware of the three trains that pass this way on a Saturday. I think if you got hit by a train here you would be extremely unlucky.

I loved the view plus the reflections from the train on the way home.

Momentous day, reason two.

I got a gluten free fish supper! Yay.
The Real Food Cafe in Tyndrum serves gluten free fish and chips. I have not had a fish supper in nearly 11 years, so was very excited by the prospect. It did not disappoint, truly delicious and extremely satisfying. The only thing missing was some chippie sauce, but hey you can't have everything.


All photographs by Caroline Harvey

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