Sunday, 14 June 2009

Smoke gets in your eyes

Essential BBQ equipment, the brolly

It is exactly a year yesterday since Emma and Diff moved into their new home. To celebrate they decided at long last to have a house warming party. 

As always as soon as you mention the BBQ words the weather decides to not be very June like and heavy rain was forecast. However the small showers that came down were not enough to put us off, and eventually all came good and the fires did not go out.


Bong and Diff were chief cooks and did a great job. As far as I know all who attended are still alive and well.

Ah the banter

Mmm sausages

Looking good Mr D

Bong fashioning his sausage turning utensils

Is that an extra finger or a sausage?

Bong and his big meaty sausage. Ooh er missus!

I very much enjoyed my first BBQ of the year and the Pimms punch. Thanks for a great evening guys and heres to many more happy years together. xx

All photographs by Caroline Harvey


Hazel said...

Only a truly talented photographer could make boring old sausages cooking on the BBQ look arty and interesting! Well done, looks like fun.x

caroline said...

Thanks, but not so sure about talented, they were all taken on my wee point and shoot so nothing fancy. Tasted good though.